Joke Gifts

Joke Gifts

Do you love giving joke gifts to your friends? Do your mates almost certainly describe you as a bit of a pranker? No, no, I said ‘pranker’.

Perhaps you're trying to find a present for some Random Dave in the office Secret Santa this year? We all know the type. A nice enough guy, for sure. But you've worked together for five years now and it seems like you still rarely say more than a polite 'good morning' to each other. Maybe you're needing an extra something silly to give to someone in addition to their main present? Or you’re looking for the perfect funny gift for someone with a cracking sense of humour?

There are all sorts of fantastic, novelty suggestions here to help get your juices flowing. And, if you're having second-thoughts and considering giving a boring, more practical, gift instead, just remember that the occasional prank is good for your health. Probably.

Star Buys

Stranger Things – the 80s-inspired sci-fi Netflix series taking the world by storm – is packed full of quirky characters, the most notable being Eleven. Blessed (or cursed) with psychokinetic abilities, using her powers has the unfortunate side effect of causing a nose bleed. Now she’ll be immortalised forever in this somewhat disturbing candle holder.

Dinosaurs are awesome, especially the ones which emit an eerie glow from their bellies. This 24cm tall T-Rex shaped lamp is powered by USB cable or 3 x AAA batteries and will obviously compliment any style of room decoration. Seriously, just look how cool he is!

Why Mother Nature feels it necessary for a man to wake one morning to discover a small tuft of foliage in each nostril and lughole, when he’s survived perfectly well until now without the aforementioned bushes, is perhaps one of life’s little mysteries.

If your bedfellow keeps you awake at night with their constant snoring, simply give them a short, sharp tap or three on the face with this device and the snoring will almost certainly stop!

Practice safe sketching and avoid the fear of being stuck with any unexpected accidents, while proudly showing off what you can do with the lead in your pencil, with a ‘pack of three’ Rubber Jonny Erasers in your pocket.