Pink party balloons.

Gifts for Her

Whether you're looking for a Mother's Day present for Mum, or a birthday or Christmas present for her or another special lady in your life, there are loads of fun and quirky gifts for her here to help you out.

Be careful, though. The 'gifts for her' market is potentially a bit of a minefield; some women love all that pretty, pink 'girly' stuff, while others absolutely loathe it. So where does that leave you? Naturally the route you go down depends on the lady you're buying for. There's always the safe 'flowers and chocolates' option. Or, if you're feeling a bit more daring, why not treat her to something unexpected?

Of course, if you don't trust your own judgement or you're just too scared to try giving something a little off-piste this time, you could be really boring and buy a voucher for her favourite clothes shop instead. What's that? You don't know which clothes shop is her favourite? Well, I'm afraid I really can't help you here.

Star Buys

Easily transform quirky glass bottles in to decorative lamps using these battery powered string lights attached to cork style stopper. Why not use clear glass bottles for an elegant look, or try a mixture of coloured bottles for a more fun or festive feel? Each set comes with 10 micro LEDs, which are recharged via a USB cable.

If your bedfellow keeps you awake at night with their constant snoring, simply give them a short, sharp tap or three on the face with this device and the snoring will almost certainly stop!