Exciting Lighting

Welcome to the bright and colourful world of exciting lighting! Easily set the right tone in any room with a standout key piece of mood lighting. Perhaps you want to relax and unwind after a hard day's work, while watching the gentle rainbow effects of a colour-changing uplighter? Or you want to add fun pops of colour to the children's bedrooms with a funky neon light or three?

Are you planning a party? Don't forget to include a few novelty decorative lights to help emphasise your awesome party decorations. String lights and retro disco lights can make a great combination. For me, two of the key ingredients for hosting a memorable party are, firstly, a good mixture of current and cheesy music and, secondly, a great range of party lights. No one can relax properly with Rick Astley's Greatest Hits blaring out of the CD player, while the 'big light' glares down on them from above. Exciting lighting leads to excited guests!

Although, don't get me wrong; I love a bit of Rick Astley, I'm just saying that sometimes you need to mix things up a little. Perhaps create a Spotify playlist or something? It is the 21st century now, after all. Whatever you're looking for in a light, hopefully you'll find something here to set your world aglow. Unless you're looking for a simple, boring light? In which case you may as well jog on.

Star Buys

Easily transform quirky glass bottles in to decorative lamps using these battery powered string lights attached to cork style stopper. Why not use clear glass bottles for an elegant look, or try a mixture of coloured bottles for a more fun or festive feel? Each set comes with 10 micro LEDs, which are recharged via a USB cable.

Dinosaurs are awesome, especially the ones which emit an eerie glow from their bellies. This 24cm tall T-Rex shaped lamp is powered by USB cable or 3 x AAA batteries and will obviously compliment any style of room decoration. Seriously, just look how cool he is!