Duvet Days

We all need them occasionally, whether we like to admit it or not. Duvet Days. An entire day of doing nothing but relaxing in bed with a good book to read or a few classic films to watch.

Or perhaps you prefer taking your duvet and pillows to the sofa. Maybe treating yourself to a binge day of Netflix and chill? Of course, whether you actually 'chill' or not is entirely up to you and absolutely none of my business.

However you enjoy spending your duvet days, all that matters is that you do so in style. Here you'll find a great selection of designer and high street bedding ranges, as well as lush, cosy bedspreads and throws, to help you do just that. You'll be as snug as a bug in a rug!


Sanderson Bedding Collection: Top Picks

11th March 2018

Explore my favourite top picks from the current Sanderson bedding collections, with designs including Waterperry, Delphiniums and Magnolia & Blossom.

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Joules Bedding Collection: Top Picks

27th February 2018

Explore my favourite top picks from the current Joules bedding collections, with designs including Harbour, Whitstable, Dahlia and Mono Blossom.

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Plain Dye Bedding

Mermaid Blankets

If you ever secretly wanted to be a mermaid or merman while growing up (or even as an adult... I'm not here to judge) these fabulous tail shaped wearable blankets will go some way to making that dream a reality. Perhaps best to keep away from the sea with them though - just stick to the sofa for now.

Cosy Throws

If the whole mermaid look isn't really your thing, maybe you'd be much happier with a more traditional cosy throw to wrap yourself in? With this selection of funky colours to choose from there's sure to be one to match your style!