About WONS

Hi, I’m Paul. Welcome to WONS, my little blog featuring exciting home accessories, gadgets and gifting ideas.

WONS started life many, many moons ago as a small eBay store selling novelty gadgets and tech. All was going fairly well until the global economy decided to implode.

We all ran out of spare cash for unnecessary knickknacks and had to focus on paying for boring things like rent and food. I decided a new approach was needed, so started a blog focusing on showcasing and reviewing gadgets instead.

I grew this blog steadily, in various guises, over several years. But ultimately I felt that I had lost focus slightly with the direction in which I wanted to take the site.

So it was time for a complete redesign and reboot, which brings me to where we are today. WONS 2.0, if you like.

Now, my fresh aim for WONS is to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for ideas and inspiration around the themes of homeware, gadgets and lifestyle.

Admittedly, it may take me a while to achieve this, but if you feel so inclined to join me on this journey, I’d very much appreciate the company!

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