Tetris Mood Light

Stackable Tetris Mood Light

Reminisce about your misspent youth with this iconic, stackable, Tetris mood light. Build the colourful blocks of light any way you like!

Much like Pac-Man and Space Invaders, Tetris is one of those classic games which has the ability to make a certain generation of gamers go all warm and fuzzy inside, just at the sheer mention of its name.

Created in 1984 by Russian computer engineer, Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris has seen many reincarnations over its 30+ years of history, and is one of the best-loved games of all time.

Tetris Mood Light: Individual coloured blocks which light up when stacked together. Inspired by the Tetris game.For the past few years the gadget market has been flooded with Pac-Man and Space Invaders themed gizmos. Now, it seems, the time for Tetris to follow suite has arrived, and what better way to start than with this fantastic official Tetris Light.

Recreate those oh-so-familiar block patterns in the flesh – as it were – in stunning, vibrant, light-up 3D goodness.

You Say Tetromino, I Say…

The novelty lamp is formed using any combination of seven individual Tetriminoes. And yes, that is the actual real life technical name for them, thank you very much. I’m no mathematician, but I think it may be loosely based on the word tetromino.

Arrange these Tetriminoes in any shape that you like; stack them all neatly like the Tetris pro that you are, or throw caution to the wind and pile them up haphazardly with gaping holes in between.

Simply plug the base block in to the mains socket and then build each of the other blocks up around it. As they connect together each one will magically light up.

Unfortunately (or perhaps thankfully) they don’t disappear if you form a solid line.

Did you know that each of the Tetriminoes has its own name?

I-block, O-block, J-block, L-block, T-block, S-block and Z-block. Okay, I never claimed they were particularly interesting names, did I?

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Anyway, if all this has left you itching for a quick game, you can play Tetris for free here!

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