Marvel Avengers 3D FX Wall Lights

Marvel Avengers 3D FX Wall Lights: Captain America Shield light appearing to protrude from a crack in the wall.

Several of Marvel Comics’ greatest superheroes have been brought together for this awesome collection of Marvel Avengers 3D FX wall lights.

Each of the lights, detailed below, come complete with easy to apply stickers that create the effect of large cracks on the surface you apply them to. Placing these cracks behind the lights creates a simple but stunning illusion of our favourite comic book heroes crashing through the wall.

Being battery-powered there are no messy wires to contend with, making the set ideal for nightlights in children’s bedrooms, or as finishing touches to the decoration in a games room or man cave!

The complete collection of Marvel Avengers 3DFX wall lights.

Iron Man

Replicating Iron Man’s infamous red and gold armour, the Iron Man Mask light watches over you in the dark with his glowing white eyes.

Add to the impact of the Iron Man Mask with the complimentary Iron Man Hand 3D FX light, which emits a soft white glow from the ‘repulsor ray’ embedded in the palm.


Spider-Man’s Mask glows a warming red with this 3D nightlight, while the eyes provide a brighter, white tone.

Spider-Man’s hand also glows red, but has the added effect of white fibre-optic web shooting from the wrist.

The Hulk

Also part of the Marvel Avengers 3D FX wall lights range is this fella.

He may look angry, but Hulk is really a softy at heart – rushing over and crashing through your brickwork with his face, just to add a splash of soft green ambient lighting to the room.

The glow will be brighter still if you also allow Hulk to punch another hole in the wall with his giant green fist.

Captain America

Made from Vibranium and stronger than steel, Captain America’s Shield can easily crack a hole in a concrete wall.

The shield provides an ambient glow in Captain America’s familiar colours of red, white and blue.


Thor’s Hammer – Mjolnir – may be famous for allowing this Asgardian God of Thunder to fire lightning bolts from his hands, but, while embedded in your wall, the Hammer 3D FX light will bring a much calmer form of light to your room.

Although appearing a silvery metallic colour during the day, Thor’s Hammer provides a mesmerising blue glow at night.

As you can see, the range of Marvel Avengers 3D FX wall lights look awesome when lit up at night. If you’re creating a comic book heroes themed bedroom for your kids, why not make these lights a key feature piece?

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